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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) interferes with your life and makes it difficult to communicate and solve problems, leading to difficulties at work, in social situations, and in your personal relationships. It can also cause physical complications like digestive disorders or heart disease. At Zen Releaf in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Perry Hight, MD, can help you manage your symptoms and take back control of your life with treatments like medical marijuana. Don’t continue to suffer or let your PTSD become worse. Call the office or use the online booking tool to make an appointment today.


What is post-traumatic stress disorder?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health disorder that develops when you experience a terrifying, dangerous, or shocking event.

In any dangerous situation, your body goes into an automatic state of “fight or flight” that triggers a number of physical changes meant to help protect yourself. 

While most people recover from these symptoms after the event passes, if you continue to experience feelings of stress and fear, you may have PTSD.

What are the symptoms of PTSD?

The symptoms of PTSD vary from patient to patient but are grouped into four main categories:

Intrusive memories

Recurrent, unwanted memories that force you to relive the traumatic event or upsetting dreams that disturb your sleep are common symptoms of PTSD.


You may try to block out the event entirely and avoid places, activities, or people that remind you of it.

Negative changes in your mind and mood

You may develop negative thoughts about yourself and others and have difficulty maintaining relationships. Many patients also develop depression as a symptom of PTSD, which makes you emotionally numb and hopeless about the future.

Changes in physical and emotional reactions

You may notice that you’re more easily startled, are constantly irritable, or engage in self-destructive behaviors.

PTSD symptoms can show up months or even years after the trauma and they vary in intensity. If your symptoms last longer than a month or you begin to have thoughts of suicide, talk to a professional at Zen Releaf so they can help you manage your symptoms.

What are some treatments for PTSD?

If you have PTSD, the team at Zen Releaf can help you regain control of your life with a combination of counseling and medication. 

There are several types of psychotherapy that can help relieve your symptoms. One of the most common and effective modes of treatment for PTSD is cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of therapy helps you recognize your negative thought patterns and learn to replace them with healthier thoughts. 

The practice is also a licensed provider of medical marijuana treatments for PTSD. Marijuana can reduce symptoms of paranoia and anxiety. It’s an effective tool to reduce symptoms in the short term. 

When paired with talk therapy, it allows you to process your trauma in a way that traditional PTSD medication like opioids doesn’t. 

Don’t carry the burden of PTSD. Get help at Zen Releaf by calling the office or using the online scheduler to book an appointment today.